The Sound of Melanin Program

The Sound of Melanin is an ideal program for African American History month or any event where the goal is to encourage conversations surrounding diversity and the experience of black people in the United States. Although the program is not racially charged, it does look at life from the black perspective.

Similar in style to the Pursue Your Passion program, Kirk uses spoken word poetry, anecdotes, quotes, and humor to engage and encourage his audience to think critically about their existence.  He also reminds his audience of the virtues of self-reliance and to never use their black skin as a crutch.

Students, both black and white, walk away from the Sound of Melanin program with a new and broader perspective of what it means to be black in America while being encouraged to do their part in making this world a more cohesive place for all of humanity.

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Kirk Nugent's Speech about Mars 2020

Kirk Nugent
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