Pursue Your Passion Program

Kirk Nugent’s Pursue Your Passion program has been a favorite among college students for the past twenty years. Schools such as Central Michigan University have requested Kirk fifteen times in fifteen years to share his powerful message of overcoming the odds, living life to the fullest potential, and chasing the desires of one’s heart.

Through the use of spoken word poetry, personal stories, quotes, and humor, Kirk shares simple yet practical strategies with his audience on how to overcome their childhood trauma, navigate toxic relationships, being true to themselves, persisting in a healthy manner, and how to claim the desires of their heart.

Kirk is a brilliant performer. The program is entertaining, upbeat, uplifting, and inspiring. It is highly regarded by students and faculty alike. Students walk away from the Pursue Your Passion presentation feeling empowered to face the challenges that life offers.

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CMU Students Respond to Pursue Your Passion

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