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Kirk Nugent is a critically acclaimed and highly regarded poet and inspirational speaker. His unique perspective on life has earned him the moniker of “The People’s Poet” because he challenges preconceived notions about how social norms are developed, how change can be ignited, and about honoring the path of the soul.

For the past two decades, Nugent has been traveling the world, training and speaking at Fortune 500 companies, at empowerment workshops and seminars, on college and university campuses, and to church congregations. During this timeframe, he continued to write original works of poetry, inspired by the challenges he met along the way—which is now released in his latest publication, “Answer The Call.”

“Answer The Call” is Nugent’s sequel to his first poetry publication, “The Sound of Melanin,” published in 2001. This latest publication is a culmination of poetry written between 2001 and 2020. The book contains Universal Truths that can be applied by anyone looking to expand their consciousness, and amplify their connection with The Divine. If The Sound of Melanin exposed the darkness that plagues our society, then Answer The Call is the blueprint of how to transcend that darkness.

“Answer The Call” highlights why Nugent is indeed “The People’s Poet.” He uses his words to challenge self-imposed boundaries and to get back to the basics of the forgotten and underutilized connection to The Higher-Self. Nugent encourages his readers to take full responsibility for their lives and gently moves them from the consciousness of the victim to victor.


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